I’m Simon; a software developer based in the South East of England. My primary languages are C# and PHP, but I have desire to keep on learning more, and have done a little bit of Java, C++ and tiny amounts of Python.

I’m a bit of late starter to my coding career. I was always interested in it, but never got in to doing it properly until I went to university as a mature student. Before that, as a child, I did do some AmigaBASIC (yikes) and Arexx stuff but, as I started work, in an entirely different vocation to what I’m doing now, it all fell by the wayside. Mainly as my work day was tiring enough as it was, and music took centre stage. To be honest, a lot of the music I wrote was on the Amiga in tracker programs (Hi, OctaMED!); which are often written using hexadecimal. In a small way it kinda helped nurture programming logic. As you may be able to tell, the Amiga played a huge part in my love for computers, and working with them. One day I’ll write something for it, as thank you to that machine, and a community that still exists today.

Aside from programming, as mentioned, music is a large part of my life. If I’m out and about then house and techno are my poisons. At home I’m happy with a lot of various genres. Too many to go in to here. Not just listening to it either, I’ve DJed in nightclubs, in my past, and still push out the odd mix now and then.

This blog is for me to ramble about anything I like and perhaps give something back to the developer community. Although the focus will be programming, and possibly nostalgia trips about old hardware/software.

https://github.com/sipreston : Coding projects

https://hearthis.at/thisispresto/ : for DJ mixes

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