I’ve switched to Linux as my primary OS, at last.


There’s no getting away from it. If you want the complete PC gaming experience you have to use Windows. Whilst Linux gaming support has been coming on strongly, these last few years, and my Steam library has a fair few games that will play on my new OS, there are many that won’t. Also, my flight simulator software, Prepar3d, is Windows only. Since it was based on the old MS Flight Simulator codebase, it is tied up with DirectX. I’d say it’s extremely unlikely we’ll see a OpenGL based version any time soon. I guess it’s also wishful think that the upcoming Flight Simulator 2020 will run on Linux.

Prepar3d. Beautiful looking simulator. No Linux version…

On the flip side, I played a few hours of the Linux version of Civilization V and was quite impressed with how well it run. However, I did experience a lot of crashes to desktop, whereas my Windows version is rock solid. But Steam don’t charge extra for a version that runs on another operating system, so you can taste the finer fruits at no extra cost. At some point I’m going to play Cities: Skylines. But I really need to make sure I have a day free, as that thing hoovers up time like nobody’s business.

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