PC upgrade time. Ryzen R7 1700 to R7 3800X.

I’m not going to go in to benchmarking, here. This chip is already a year old, and there’s plenty of articles and videos out there, if you want to check on that sort of thing. However, the aforementioned Transport Fever ran noticeably smoother than it did with the 1700, on a large map with many cities, and lines. I’m also quite keen to get Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, when that is released, which I’m sure will benefit from the extra power offered by the 3800X, and probably also see me splash more cash to upgrade my Radeon 580 to something more beefy.

Another game that ran smoother is the Star Trek Armada 2 mod: Fleet Ops. This certainly is a good test of CPU grunt with an 8 player (7 AI) game, on the largest map size. The AI players are constantly building units and sending them out, and you can potentially have thousands of units in play, at any time. The 1700 did suffer from some slow down, when there was a happening, in on screen battles, but the 3800X barely seem to bat an eyelid, and gameplay remained smooth throughout.

Many units, in Fleet Ops, gives the CPU a lot to think about.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this purchase. The Ryzen 3800X demonstrated clear gains, over the first generation of CPUs, showing just how well the platform has matured, since its initial release. I should be able to sell on the 1700, to recover some of the costs, which makes it even better value, for me. This should keep me sweet for a good few years, when I’ll maybe start looking at the Ryzen 6000 series, unless Intel catch up, on the technology and the prices.

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