PC upgrade time. Ryzen R7 1700 to R7 3800X.

The BIOS noted there was new CPU installed, and prompted me to check the settings. So I went in to the BIOS, checked everything was as I wanted, saved and booted in to Windows. Booted fine, first time. Initial impressions were good. I wasn’t expecting to notice much difference, on my Windows desktop, but applications did seem to load up a bit quicker, and things felt a little more responsive than before. Not that my system felt unresponsive or slow, before. And of course, it could be my brain tricking itself into believing things are faster, because the chip is faster.
The other noticeable difference was that there was a little bit more noise coming from the tower, than usual, even when fairly idle. It’s still pretty quiet though. With a heavy load (Transport Fever with a lot of mods), it does get very noisy. Although that may be combination of the CPU fan and the graphics card. With just Prime95 running a stress test, it didn’t seem as bad. A third party cooler may help make it quieter, if I feel it’s getting too much, in the future.

We are rocking and/or rolling…

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